Incheon International Airport → Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel

Airport Bus

In order to reach the hotel by bus from Incheon International Airport, take the No 6005 airport Limousine Bus which leaves from bus stop 5B or 12A. The journey takes approximately 90 minutes (*Estimated travelling time is based on no traffic congestion.).

*Passengers can get information about Limousine and Premium Bus and purchase tickets at the following Bus Ticketing Offices: Exit 4 and 9 (indoors) & Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C (outdoors).

Bus Number # 6005
Route Name Seoul City Hall
Bus Type Limousine (Standard)
Route Incheon Int'l Airport → Soosaek Rail Station → Moraenae(Gajwa Station) →
Yeonhui Samgeori → Seodaemoon-Gu Office → Grand Hilton Hotel
Travelling Time 90 minutes
First Bus 06:15
Last Bus 22:35
Interval 40 minutes
Fare 10,000 (Standard Bus) / KRW 15,000 (Prestige Bus)


Section Platfom Number Estimated Travel Time Estimated Fare (KRW) Remark
Standard Taxi 6C 45 60,000 - 24:00 ~ 04:00 additional 20% late night premium.
- Receipt issue and Translation is a basic service provided.
Prestige Taxi 8C 45 80,000 - Car Phone Service / No late night premium fee.
- Receipt issue and Translation is a basic service provided.
- No late night premium fee.

* Notice :
Toll fee (KRW 7,100) will be the passenger’s responsibility.
The estimated fare is based on no traffic congestion; the actual rates may vary.

Hotel Pick-up Service

It is available for using Grand Hilton Hotel pick-up service. If you want the service, please book in advance through the hotel reservation department.

Fare: ICN -> HTL KRW 136,500 for 3 pax including luggage
         GMP -> HTL KRW 94,500 for 3 pax including luggage

  • Contact information
    • Tel: +82-2-3216-5656, +82-2-2287-8427~9
    • Email:,

Gimpo Airport → Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel

There is no direct limousine bus available between the Gimpo Int'l Airport and the Grand Hilton Hotel Seoul. You are advised to use the public transport by referring to the following information.


Line Color Major stops Running
Travelling Time (min.) Fare (KRW)
Airport Railroad
Gimpo Int'l Airport -----> Digitalmediacity 5:42-24:18 9 Approx. 1550
*Transfer from Airport Railroad to Line 6 at Digitalmediacity Station.
Line 6
(Dark brown)
Digitalmediacity -----> Bulgwang 5:39-24:44 8
*Transfer from Line 6 to Line 3 at Bulgwang Station.
Line 3
Bulgwang ----> Hongje (Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel)
(*Exit no. 4 - it is a 15-minute walk from the station to the venue.)
5:39-23:59 5


Bus Number # 601→ # 153, # 567, # 8153 or # 110A
Route Name Gwanghwamun
Bus Type City Bus
Bus Stop Number 4 (1st Floor, Gimpo Int'l Airport)
Route Gimpo Airport → Seodaemun Post Office → Hyundai Apt.
(It is a 15-minute walk from the Hyundai Apt. station to the Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel.)
*Please note that you should transfer from # 601 to # 153, # 567, # 8153 or # 110A at Seodaemun Post Office.
Travelling Time 70 minutes
First Bus 04:00
Last Bus 23:10
Interval 6 minutes
Fare KRW 1,300


In the Gimpo Int’l Airport, there is the short course taxi platform in front of each office building to help people who want to use taxi for a short course. For more information, refer to the following website: